Hosterizing is the future of domains. We have developed an innovative technology that is decentralized and blockchain-based and we are the first company to introduce “hosterizing” decentralized domains forever with no renewal fees.

Hosterizing domains are easy to register and can be bought using HTZ cryptocurrency on polygon blockchain.

The #1 blockchain provider of ADA, ART DOMAIN ASSET

Hosterizing have the mission to give back the data power to the user.
We create more than 300 htld, decentralized domain, that can use for:

Universal Login

By using HOSTERIZING decentralized domain, you can login from any part of the world, as it runs in blockchain.


HOSTERIZING domains are privacy and data friendly as they are associated to a cryptographic address,.

Decentralized Domain

HOSTERIZING is decentralization friendly. All of the domains and hTLD’s available on our platform are decentralized, owned by you!

Discover the .hPOWER

The .htld

HTLD’s are set to be a great tool for businesses to grow and own their data and business representation in blockchain.


ADA is more than an asset. Itself is an asset that represents a domain of X company, but also represents an artistic value of an art.


HOSTERIZING domains empower their clients by giving them an option to have more freedom of decision about their assets.


Use HOSTERIZING as an Alternate Digital Asset Class

The internet today is mostly run by centralized entities that collect user data, sell personal information, extort money and manipulate information in their favor.

Decentralization means eliminating the power of the few over the many – but more importantly, it means giving people back control over their own digital identities

Which asset is better than owning your own data? May be data the biggest Alternate Digital Asset Class?

HOSTERIZING Partners & Investors

Our Partner and Investor.

Be one of THEM.










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